Guticha is a  Village is located in Mandera North Sub-County, Mandera County in North-Eastern Kenya. Two years ago, men, women and children converged at the village borehole, under the blistering sun,  with everyone desperately wanting to water their animals first. Water was a luxury commodity in this part of the county and especially among this predominantly pastoralist community. The dilapidated main water tank could not store adequate quantities of water for the high human animal population of Guticha. The entire village also relied on a single hosepipe for water collection leading to villagers waiting in long lines to collect water.

This situation led to an increased risk of water-borne diseases to humans as women and girls fetched water from nearby livestock watering troughs.

NAPAD in partnership with Medico International and through funding from GFFO changed the fortunes of Guticha village residents by constructing an elevated water storage tank and a water kiosk fitted with eight taps. These taps have reduced waiting time during water collection, promoted the security of women and girls, preserved hygiene during water collection, and stopped human-animal conflicts at the water troughs.

This life-changing water project comprised of the construction of a 20,000 Liter elevated concrete water tank, and a communal water kiosk fitted with  eight taps and the rehabilitation of three  livestock watering troughs.

Guticha Village elevated   water tank and water  kiosk

The water kiosk is now stationed away from the livestock watering troughs to discourage people from fetching water from the animal troughs. Waiting time during water collection has been reduced as the kiosk serves eight people at any one time.

                Community members collecting water in the kiosk

The project has improved water access to approximately 4,500 people. Women and girls who bear responsibility for fetching water now spend less time fetching. Ms. Bishar Yusuf, a beneficiary praises the project and its benefits  to her household,

“…I used to fetch water from the livestock watering troughs with a jug to fill my jerrycans. At times, I was fortunate to fetch water from the only available hose pipe that served long queues. I used to fetch four jerrycans of water per day. However, I now easily fetch about ten jerrycans. I could witness around five incidences of water-related conflicts amongst users at watering points but now I haven’t witnessed any since the completion of this project. The project has reduced my time and energy in fetching water by half….” Reports Ms. Bishara Yuusuf.

The three rehabilitated livestock watering troughs in the village now benefit 112,000 livestock.

“…previously, the dilapidated troughs leaked. Since the troughs were rehabilitated, they no longer waste water and hold large quantities of water…” reports Abdikarim Mohamed, Guticha borehole water committee chairman. 

Shoats accessing water at  one of the  rehabilitated  the livestock watering  troughs

Residents are thankful to NAPAD and Medico International for this project that is now also benefiting surrounding villages.

“This project has transformed this village thus we will appreciate it a lot if  NAPAD  can add another tank to increase water storage capacity for the increasing population…”,  Appealed Mohamed, Dakane Guticha Elder.

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